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Force Industrial Supplies

About our company

Force Industrial Supplies is your consumables specialist, we supply high quality consumable parts at realistic prices.

We only partner with reputable market leaders such as Forch and Wolfchester and are confident in our commitment to offer you affordable quality product every day of the year.

We offer over 20 years of industry experience, and from a fresh perspective. We have the benefit of being a smaller company so we can focus on our products and our customers. Whether you're a single mechanic workshop, or a large metalwork, manufacturing or woodworking operation we offer personalised service tailored to your business. We cover a wide range of industries including Automotive, Industrial & Marine providing us with a diverse product range which include fasteners, abrasives and tools to aerosols and brake cleaners. And if we don't stock it we'd only be too happy to locate the right product for your needs.

At Force Industrial Supplies we are dedicated in our commitment to making our company your Number 1 supplier of consumable products.

A brand you can trust

  • Next day delivery for large goods
  • 20 years industry experience
  • Experienced sales consultants
  • Product Knowledge
  • Broad product range
  • Special articles available